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Are Waist Trainers Deemed Healthy?

All your questions on 'are waist trainers healthy?' answered. As with any fitness trend, there are a gazillion questions on waist training and one that is most prominent is – are waist trainers healthy? Before we go any further, it’s important to point out one fact, waist training is a lifestyle and not a passing fad. But, what exactly is waist training?

Waist training is a process where you use a waist training corset or cincher to cinch in your waist by offering compression and support. The longer you use a waist trainer, the more you get a well-defined hourglass figure.

Now, with that said, there have been many health concerns that have been raised with regard to waist training. Many people really want to try out waist training because let’s face it, which woman doesn’t want a sexy hourglass figure? But the one thing holding them back is this question, are waist trainers healthy?

Now we are going to delve deeper into this waist matter and give you the low down on everything you need to know about waist training and how you can ensure that you stay positively healthy as you trim your waist further and further.

How long to use a waist trainer?

This question is very subjective. If you are new to waist training, you should not go for more than 4 hours on a waist trainer. Further, do not go for a reduction that is more than 4 inches. This will ease your body into a waist training routine without it being too uncomfortable. The thing with waist training is that it should not be painful at any one time. There is no denying that waist cinching can be uncomfortable and this especially true when your body is trying to adjust to the shape of the corset you are using, but this is just in the short term.

As you move to a more advanced level, you can increase your waist training time to 8-12 hours depending on how comfortable you are. Sleep training is highly discouraged as this is the time your body recovers and fully rests and so should not be interrupted. The truth is, the question on are waist trainers healthy, fully depends on how well the waist trainer is being used. If you follow all our guidelines, then there is no reason for you to fear for your health.

Health issues for using a waist trainer

Before embarking on any diet and fitness regimen, you are first advised to consult your physician on whether you are in the right state of health to pursue the regimen in question. The same applies to waist training. It is important to note that waist training offers compression on your midsection and so if you have any underlying health conditions such as hypertension, heart and lung problems or any known chronic illness, you first need to check in with your doctor before waist training.

Waist training has been used for a very long time to correct back pain and for spinal reconstruction. The important thing is to first see your doctor before taking your first step into corset training. Together with your doctor, you will be able to find the answer to – are waist trainers healthy for you?

Latex allergies and non-latex waist trainers

Latex waist trainers stimulate perspiration which is believed to play an important role in fat loss. When a lot of heat is produced on your waist area, the fat cells are significantly reduced in size, making your waist smaller. Of course this is not a one-time thing, you have to be consistent with waist training for you to get these benefits.

With that said, some people react with latex, the increased sweating makes some people itch uncontrollably which can lead to chaffing and a very itchy rash. So, in light of this, are waist trainers healthy? Yes, if used correctly!

You don’t have to use a latex waist trainer for you to get a beautifully tiny waist, there are so many good non-latex waist trainers that do an amazing waist cinching job. The great thing about non latex waist trainers is that they are very comfortable and you can wear them for long without feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

Does waist training hurt my organs?

So many health issues have ignorantly been linked with waist training that it has led so many aspiring waist trainers to ask, are waist trainers healthy?

With regard to waist training and how this affect your organs, we have:

  • The repositioning of your ribs and reshaping of your cartilage

Your sternum is connected to your ribs using a cartilage. You are made of seven ribs, referred to as true ribs, and you also have about 6 ribs that are known as false ribs as they are not directly attached to your sternum.

Waist training has no effect on your true ribs but the false ribs are pushed closer together when waist training and so the question of are waist trainers healthy, has one answer, yes, when done correctly.

It is important that the process of pushing your false ribs together takes a long time and can even go for years. It is not something you just wake up to by tight lacing.

  • Moving your organs

When you narrowly cinch in your waist, this will gradually move your internal organs from your waist but this is not going to hurt them. This shifting of organs is almost similar to what happens when a woman is pregnant and there are no health issues with waist trainers, consequently.

Your lower organs will move downwards while your upper organs will move up higher. You have no cause for worry as this is a very gradual process that will take long. Waist training is not going to hurt you when you wear your waist trainer for 8-12 hours at a comfortable reduction.

Well, are waist trainers healthy? Yes, they are! If at any one point you experience pain, remove your waist trainer immediately. Waist training is not meant to be painful. Buy a waist trainer that is in your right size and do not make an extreme reduction especially if you are a beginner.

For best results, eat healthy, exercise regularly and waist train regularly. So, to end this, let us address the elephant in the room one more time;

Are waist trainers healthy?

In two words – ABSOLUTELY YES!