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Bali Size Chart

Get your Size right with our Bali Size Chart Guide, and make a smart purchase. Buying the Bali Shapewear product will improve your experience.

If you're looking for underwear that is not only supremely comfortable but also slims, trims and smooths your bust, tummy, bottom and hips, Bali control briefs could be just the thing. Made from microfibre, Bali shapewear briefs are completely seam free for a smooth, uninterrupted look that provides firm control over tummy and hip lumps and bumps.

Bali Measuring Guide

To ensure your Bali shapewear fits you snugly whilst still remaining comfortable, you’ll need to take some measurements and then look up the Bali measuring guide to get the correct size. Measure your waist and hips with a flexible tape measure, such as a dress making tape measure and buy the appropriate size for those measurements. According to the Bali Shapewear Size Chart, the most important measurement for Bali shapewear is hip size but waist measurement is also taken into consideration.

To measure your waist, place the tape around your waistline. This is the smallest part of your torso, usually about an inch above your naval. The tape should be taut but not overly tight, nor should it be too loose. Repeat the procedure with your hips; make sure you measure around the broadest part. In most women this is about where your leg bones meet your hip bones. Bali shapewear is available in sizings from Small right through to 6 x Extra Large and the measurements are in inches.