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Get Your Belly Bandit Sizing RIGHT

Get your Belly Bandit sizing RIGHT, find top shapewear brands size charts and get sizing advice from DoubleTake Shapewear. If you’ve just welcomed a new addition to your family or are expecting one shortly, you’re probably wondering what to do about your post birth belly!. Belly Bandit is a highly coveted brand for pregancy shapewear. 

The ladies behind Belly Bandit's have developed a premier range of US manufactured shape-wear products for postnatal women. Made from latex-free Stretch and Compress fabrics, the Belly Bandit provides comforting support to your back and abdomen and helps get your waist, hips and stomach back in shape. When correctly fitted the band should fit snugly and exert constant pressure on the abdomen without impacting your breathing or blood circulation or causing any discomfort to your ribs.


Belly Bandit Sizing Advice From Users

The official website states that the edges of a correctly sized band should barely meet initially and most users find this to be the case - if it does up easily it’s too big. Within a few weeks most women report it gets easier to do up and some have gone a size smaller as their waists shrink back to pre pregnancy size.

To determine your size - if ordering early pregnancy - go 1-2 sizes up from your normal waist size. If waiting until just before birth, take 3–5 inches off your belly measurement. Around 8 months most women are roughly the size they’ll be post birth - measure the biggest part of your stomach and order the corresponding band for that measurement.


Belly Bandit Sizing Chart

Find the official Belly Bandit sizing calculator on their website or use our belly bandit size chart.