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Best Shapewear for Women

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As with many garments, there are different types of shapewear for an outfit that are available. With the vast number of options it might be difficult for individuals to choose the best choice for their needs. Below are some of the best shapewear for women.

Control Top Shapewear for Women

Before the buzz over the waist trainer began, control top undergarments were the standard for controlling and firming the legs and mid section. As the shapers have become more popular, the options for control tops have diversified. There are now options that are cut similar to boyshorts, as well as those that reach to the knee, along with the traditional stocking type.

Body Suit Shapewear For Women

For a complete smooth look from bust to bottom, a body suite shaper is a great option. Similar to control tops these garments also come at different lengths, but they are constructed to firm the entire mid section from top to bottom. This makes them the perfect shapewear for an outfit such as a clingy sweater, leggings, tights or a wrap dress.

Camisole For Women

Camisole and waist cinchers are ideal for clingy sweaters or to wear underneath corset tops. These shapers provide smooth lines and a nice hourglass figure. With these garments there are no worries about unsightly bra lines because the camisoles usually smooth out those lines yet still provide excellent support. They also pull double duty as they can serve as the undershirt if the sweater or shirt is plunging or see-through. In fact, many of these garments are fashioned for such use, so they look like regular undergarments.

High-waist Underwear

These shapers can be considered an extension of a control top. They have a bit of the same conventions in that they mainly focus on tightening around the midsection. Some of them also provide support for the bottom. Those interested in having an extra lift in the rear or adding some volume should definitely consider high-waist underwear choices that have a butt lift option. Otherwise, these garments are another great option for slinky dresses, tight fitting dresses and pencil skirts. Many of the cinchers rise to the bra area, so they prevent any lines and completely flatter the figure.

Maternity Waist Trainers

While most midsection trainers are made to pull things in, maternity trainers are constructed to keep things up. Particularly, they help to support the belly and take strain off of the mother’s back. These shapers can prove to be beneficial after the pregnancy in helping to support the mother in getting her stomach back to pre-baby shape. These particular Women shapers are mostly made of spandex material to account for the extra stretching that is needed.

With all of the Women shapewear for outfit options that are available it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, if you keep in mind the main options available and your particular needs, you can be sure to select the best shapewear for women option for you.