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Getting Your Shapewear Clean: How to Clean Shapewear

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There is no denying the comfort and sleek silhouette that quality made shapewear provides. It lets you enjoy wearing your favorite clothing, but with an extra boost of confidence. However, unlike typical outerwear, this kind of garment requires you to care for it in a manner similar to other delicate fabrics. When the question arises of how to clean shapewear, the rule of thumb is to always handle with a gentle touch, along with these other tips.

Play the Field

The first step to keeping your garments in tip-top shape is to rotate several pieces through your wardrobe. In order to extend the life of your shapers, you should never wear one more than twice before giving it a good wash. Therefore, having a variety to choose from will make them last longer.

Get Back to “Basins”

Delicate times call for equally delicate measures. In the case of shapewear made from latex, you will need to get back to basics with some good old-fashioned hand washing. Latex can become easily damaged with improper care, and running it though a standard washing machine could mean disaster for your garment. Wash by hand with warm water using either a mild shampoo, or a baby shampoo. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Store it in a dark area once it is completely dry.

Avoid Getting Bent Out of Shape

For your non-latex shapewear, feel free to use your washing machine, but on a gentle or hand-wash cycle in cold water with a full load of laundry. Prior to the wash, carefully check the hangtags to make sure the pieces do not contain latex. Excessive agitation or hot water can wreak havoc on the construction of the material. Cold water actually forces the material to contract and effectively shrink it back to its original state. Use a mesh or netted lingerie bag with hooks clasped to avoid them catching on other items.

Suds Up the Right Way

It is crucial to use the right type of detergent that is specially formulated for lingerie or delicate knits. Try to avoid using products that contain fragrances, dyes, alcohol, softeners, or bleach, which will cause damage.

Dry Baby Dry

For the final step, always air-dry your shapewear by laying flat or hanging. This action will ensure to prolong the life of your valuable wardrobe investment.

With the right care, your shapers will continue to provide you with the visual effect you love, and all the comfort you expect.