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Is the Corset Diet for You?

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In the olden days, women resorted to corsets for a slimmer figure. They wore these constricting garments for 12 plus hours underneath formal gowns. Today, the latex waist cincher is an alternative to the classic corset. It allows women to alter their figure without having to adopt a rigid diet. Some celebrities even say that these waist shapers help shrink the waistline. They train your body to be smaller in that particular area.

Doctors Are Recommending the Corset Diet

While not every medical professional is on board with this new approach to body slimming, there are doctors that are recommending the corset diet. Women are following the advice of these medical professionals and looking for the best waist cincher to help them transform their figures.

About the Corset Diet

A Doctor in Beverly Hills says that many of his patients adhere to the corset diet. They wear a latex waist cincher for several hours a day. Some people have lost as much as 6 inches along their waistline as a result of this effort.

If you are interested in trying this diet, it is important to work your way up to the full 12 hours a day. You should begin wearing the latex waist cincher for approximately three to five hours each day. Then progress slowly to 12 hours so that your body has time to adjust. This will minimize side effects, and it can promote the best long-term results.

Other Benefits

Although people that try this diet are seeking to trim their waistline for the long-term future, they often experience other benefits from wearing the waist shapers. Every time they wear the undergarments, they usually look slimmer in their clothing. For a celebrity, this means they will look better on camera. An everyday person can look better for special occasions and important events.

Arguably the best aspect to the corset diet is that it does not require any food restrictions. Instead, any diet and exercise efforts would probably add to the results.