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Sexy Slip Shapewear for Dates

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Every woman needs a sexy piece of slip shapewear for a special date - the same way every woman has to have a Little Black Dress and a Little White Dress! I don't know about you but I like feeling sexy and confident on a date without having to worry of something bunching up as I make my way to the bathroom strutting my stuff.

Before, to be on the safe side, I would opt for black skinny jeans with a sheer blouse worn over a corset to give me that sexy hourglass figure. There is nothing wrong with this look only that I have killer legs and would like to show them off every once in a while, especially to a hot date!

Now, I will admit that I have been known to have some big lunches and my weight keeps yo-yoing and so I need to hold everything in place and not just spill it all out. Like all other fierce modern women, I have a prettyLBD that hugs all my curves in the right way but I always wanted something to squeeze me in just a bit.

I tried out a slip shapewear just the other day and I dare say, they are a life saver. I got one with straps and a detachable bra so I have the liberty to go with my favorite bra. One look at myself in the mirror and I couldn't believe that the girl looking back at me in the mirror was me.

And the best part is that it doesn't bunch up under my LBD, it is the ultimate slip shapewear for dates and you can get this in double take. Before I go on a rant about how great my date turned to be, let me first tell you why you need to order yourself shaping slips.

Benefits of using slip shapewear for date nights

Confidence galore

When you know you look good and feel good about yourself, nothing is going to rain on your parade! So you have love handles, what do you do about that? Slip shapewear is all you need. Forget about wearing a huge poncho to hide your midsection, get fitting slip shapewear that will squeeze you in and emphasize your curves and even allow you to wear a cute little dress.

Instant slimming

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the gym and healthy eating are the best and healthiest ways to lose weight but what is a girl supposed to do when she has a hot date coming up? Slip shapewear is the answer! Just by putting one on you can go to 2-3 dress sizes smaller, amazing. Right?

Slip shapewear is designed to make your waist smaller and it also squeezes in your thighs, giving you a nice hourglass silhouette.


Most shapewear are tight and super constricting making it very difficult to enjoy a date. Slip shapewear is designed and constructed using stretch-able and breath-able material giving you a comfortable reduction.

Why using shapewear slips is perfect on dates

The first impression makes or breaks a date. You want to walk into a date feeling and looking good because when you are confident about yourself, you are going to relax more and enjoy your date.

Shapewear slips are super comfortable and super slimming just what you need to wear under your dinner dress. What about bunching up when walking. The latest designs are made to hug your curves like a glove and not move up and down as you walk.

Another thing that makes slip shapewear perfect for dates is that they are very discreet and don't show under your dress regardless of how tight your dress is.

So, instant slimming, comfortable reduction and discreet, what's not to love about slip shapewear for a special night?

Shaping your body with less compression

The Slip shapewear is more gentle compared to a waist training corset that offers very tight compression to give you a tiny weenie waist. Shaping slips are meant to give you sophisticated reduction that compliments your curves and hides back fat and love handles, giving you smother and soft curves.

Slip shapewear slims you up with less compression and you don't have to worry about being too constricted to enjoy your dinner.

Try out one yourself and I swear you will never go for a date dressed in trousers. You are going to love every minute of putting on slip shapewear, the way the soft fabric caresses your skin and effortlessly firms you up will even tempt you to just wear slip shapewear just for the sake of it as you relax in your house.

Go to the sizing section and first determine your perfect fit so you get slip shapewear that really works for you then go select one from our trendy collection of slip shapewear. Enjoy your date!