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Why Shapewear is Better than Surgery for Getting the Look You Want

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For those serious about cultivating or maintaining an hourglass figure, plastic surgery may seem like a very tempting option. However, surgery is expensive and invasive, and its dangers have been well documented. Before turning to a butt lift or other type of plastic surgery, consider latex waist cinchers and other types of specialized shapewear designed to give you the figure you crave. Here are some of the benefits of choosing shapewear over surgery.


Butt lifting jeans and latex waist cinchers have been prominent fashion accessories in Brazil and other Latin American countries for some time now, but they have only just recently begun to appear in North America and Europe. However, even when factoring in the additional cost of having these items imported from their home country, they are still much less expensive than surgery and all the associated costs.

Time Commitment

Even a relatively minor plastic surgery procedure requires recovery time, usually several days in which you can’t do many day-to-day tasks. Surgery also requires follow-up visits to the doctor and recovery procedures that all take additional time. Butt lifting jeans and other types of shapewear, on the other hand, only take a few seconds to put on, offering the same results as surgery in no time at all.

Dangers of Use

While there are some risks associated with using shapewear improperly, these generally pale in comparison to the problems that can result from a surgery gone wrong. Most plastic surgeries go off without complication, but even experienced, skilled doctors can make a mistake once in a while that may cause serious complications to a patient’s health and appearance. Avoid these risks entirely by donning shapewear instead of going under the knife.

Give yourself an instant butt lift without the hassle of surgery with a pair of specialized jeans. These garments give noticeable results for just a fraction of the cost and with none of the risks associated with surgery.