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How to Start Waist Training

The ultimate guide of How to Start Waist Training today, easy tips and tricks. With the entire rave surrounding waist training, getting the right information on How to Start Waist Training can be a very daunting task.

Anything to do with fitness, health, nutrition and weight loss is always changing and so it is very normal for you to feel confused and frustrated as you try and make sense of the vast amount of info on How to Start Waist Training.

Well, we are going to start by defining what waist training is all about before we get into the nitty gritty and dispel all waist cinching rumors and offer more insight on what it really entails.

How to Start Waist Training - definition

This is the practice of wearing a latex waist cincher or a tightly laced corset with the aim of reducing or cinching in your waist. This process is used to provide an extreme modification of your figure by giving an ‘exaggerated' hourglass shape with a miniscule waist but the bust and hips remain curvy.

Before delving deeper into How to Start Waist Training, it is important to have one thing clear, waist training is a gradual process. You don't expect to magically shed off 6 inches from your waistline by training your waist for just a day or even a week. What you will find is that the waist cincher will give you an instant smaller waist when you put on your waist trainer - but this is not permanent.

As time goes by, your body will adjust to the training, that is, your waist being cinched in and you will start noticing some semi-permanent results. However, this is not to mean that you should wear your waist cincher 24/7. But, you will find that the more consistent you are in your waist training, the faster your waist will shrink.

In essence, even after you have achieved your ideal waist size, you may still have to train your waist every alternate day for a few hours to maintain your new size.

How to put on a waist trainer

In your virgin days, as you are coming to terms with How to Start Waist Training, it is the general principle not to go for a reduction of more than 4 inches. Why? Well, your body will need some considerable amount of time to get used to this foreign feeling. But, with time, your body will give you an indication of exactly how narrow you can go and still be comfortable.

Once you have broken into your corset, you can now go for a whole 4 inch reduction by allowing a 30 minutes training at a reduction that is still comfortable. After this, you can now go an extra mile by further increasing the reduction by a quarter to half an inch without too much discomfort.

It is very important to note that breaking into your waist trainer is not only good for your health and comfort but also for your clothes and a very integral part of How to Start Waist Training. Corset panels tend to be very stiff and uncomfortable and so you need to mold the panels to the shape of ribcage and hips so it becomes comfortable.

The breaking in process can take up to a few months until the point where you are able to fully lace up your corset and go for the 4-inch reduction. After achieving this, you can now work on moving on to your new corset that is a size down from what you are wearing now.

How long should you wear your waist cincher?

This is one of the most important questions regarding How to Start Waist Training. The total amount of time for which you train your waist will make a very big difference in how soon you expect to see results. However, as a rule of thumb, you should be comfortable enough to wear your waist trainer for a longer time duration than to severely cinch in your waist to the point where you have to keep taking off your corset every few hours or so.

Of course waist training doesn't take a "one size approach" but the important thing is to find your comfort zone and sticking to the reduction that works for you. The recommended duration however is anything between 3-8 hours.

Should you wear a waist cincher to bed?

As you learn the ropes of How to Start Waist Training, it's important to know that for you to enjoy waist training benefits, you need to incorporate a healthy diet and regular physical exercise into your waist training regimen. By doing this, your body will require plenty of recovery time for your muscles to grow. Adequate sleep is thus mandatory to successful waist training.

Sleep training is therefore not recommended as it can be very constricting and uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to keep tossing and turning all night long instead of sleeping like a baby. Rest your body so you are fresh and ready to start on another new day of waist training.

How to take care of waist trainer

This is a very important part of How to Start Waist Training because you need a good quality waist cincher for you to have successful waist training. Caring for your waist trainer is actually very simple. All you need is some warm water and mild soap. Use your hands instead of a washer or dryer because the fibers used are very delicate.

You should have at least two trainers so that when you wash one you are left with one to wear. To delay the aging process of your cincher, air it immediately you take it off, with the lining facing outwards away from sunlight in a well aerated area.

If your cincher or trainer is made of an outer latex layer, apply a bit of baby oil after drying it to maintain its elasticity and give it a longer life.

There you go, an easy guide on How to Start Waist Training. Now move to our product section and select one, two, three or more waist trainers from our tested and proofed and amazingly comfortable selection of corsets and waist cinchers. All the best as you embark on your waist training journey!