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Discover the Best Way of how to wear a waist trainer

The best and most comfortable ways of how to wear a waist trainer unchained! Waist training here, waist training there…this has been the trending topic all over the world as the newest and hottest fitness and weight loss regimen and rightly so. However, waist training is not a new concept, it’s been with us for the longest of time. It was very popular in the Elizabethan and Victorian eras.

The truth is, a voluptuous and well defined female figure is the most desired. A full bust, cinched in waist and beautifully curvy hips always look perfect. However, not all women are made this way and here is where waist training comes in. but, before you rush into getting that tiny and sexy waist, it is important to first learn how to wear a waist trainer.

You need to learn the right technique of how to wear a waist trainer for you to get results faster. If you don’t do it right, you may end up getting discouraged and giving it all up.

So, first things first; how to wear a waist trainer then we can get into finer details of how to ensure you stay comfortable when training your waist.

How to put on a waist trainer

If you are looking to seriously train your waist for weight loss and for a smaller waist, you should wear your waist trainer underneath your clothes. This stimulates heat and perspiration. Usually waist trainers have 3 rows of eye and hook closures. This is so that you can start on the row that you are most comfortable with.

The next important step of how to wear a waist trainer is to wrap your corset around your waist by situating the bottom of your cincher right above your mid-section or the part that protrudes outward most. Place the cincher/ corset with the eyes on your left side and the hooks on your right side. At this point, sucking in your tummy will help a great deal.

What you need to do now is start with the very bottom hook, remember that your corset or cincher has a stretch-ability. Do not worry about the position of your trainer at this point, you will be pulling it down bit by bit. After fastening this hook, slightly pull down your cincher and keep fastening the hooks upwards, pulling down the trainer with every fastened hook until it is sitting where it should – the silhouette of the trainer will guide you.

Some hooks are bound to pop open as you fasten your waist trainer, but don’t worry about this, simply fasten them again.

Adjust your cincher until you are comfortable with where it is sitting and you will be through with the major part of how to wear a waist trainer.

Does it hurt at the beginning?

So many women aspire to get the beautiful hourglass shape and slim down their tummy. However, so many women are cowed away in the fear that it’s going to hurt and also the fact that they don’t know exactly how to put it on or how to take it off. This is the reason why we have started by showing you how to wear a waist trainer.

Now, waist training will only be as uncomfortable as how you put it on. This is not to say that you will not have a few moments where you may experience a bit of discomfort; but, it all comes down to how you wear your corset, what you do and if you train your waist correctly. But, all in all, waist training should not hurt at all!

There is no single time when training your waist when you should be in pain, being a bit uncomfortable – yes, but not in pain. The reason why you could experience pain are:

  • Your reduction is far too much and is done too soon.

When starting out, you should not train for more than 4 hours and the reduction should not be uncomfortable. Don’t attempt for a reduction of more than 4 inches.

  • Your waist trainer is far too small

This is usually the main reason why some women experience pain during waist training. Check our book – ultimate weight training guide on how to get the right measurements. Think of your waist trainer as a pair of jeans, if they are too tight around your waist, your tummy is going to hurt.  For comfortable compression.

  • You have a medical condition preventing you from training your waist

Before embarking on how to wear a waist trainer, it is important to go for a complete physical check to ensure that you are good to start on waist training without any complications.

If at any one time putting on a corset or cincher is very painful, take it off immediately then go straight to your physician.

The truth is, waist training is going to be uncomfortable from time to time. Any time your body experiences some changes, it is bound to respond and waist training is no different. For example exercising while waist training can be quite uncomfortable but should not be painful.

How to bend with a waist trainer

As you ponder on how to wear a waist trainer, learning how to bend correctly with a corset or cincher will save you a lot of discomfort. Bending with a waist trainer is different from the normal bend over position as this time your tummy is constricted. It is at times easier to bend sideways as opposed to full frontal. The rule is to go easy as your mid-section at this point, is stiffly held in place.

When is it time to get a smaller size?

Once you start waist training, the thing you look forward to most is moving down a corset size as this is a clear indication that your waist has grown smaller. When starting out on how to wear a waist trainer, we say that corsets and cinchers usually come in three rows of eyes and hooks.

As your body starts giving in to waist training, you should move into the innermost row. The moment you can comfortably go for 8 hours on this inner row, it is time to graduate and go down a size!

Your body will let you know when it is ready for a bigger challenge.

Now, the next question is, how to take it off but this should not worry you. Simply unhook the corset from the top towards the bottom and you are done for the day!

Read though theses easy pointers on how to wear your waist trainer as you embark on the journey of getting a beautiful hourglass body shape.