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Plus Size Shapewear

The Best of the Best Plus-Size Shapewear & Waist Trainer

Find comfortable and durable plus size shapewear that will give you a beautiful hourglass shape. Plus size shapewear and waist trainers are made with every woman in mind. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself petite or full figured, plus size shapewear will give you the ultimate reduction with the most comfort.

However, plus size waist trainers, plus size waist cinchers, and plus size shapewear in general are designed for women who have some special considerations that their slimmer counterparts do not have to worry about when selecting a shaping garment.

A great example of one of the considerations is support. While support is important for every woman especially when it comes to shapewear, full figured ladies have to pay closer attention to this. Typically, when you wear a waist cincher, it pulls in your entire midsection and pushes out your bust and hips. As such, it is very important to find the best support for your chest.

Before, cinchers, waist trainers and shapewear in general were not constructed with a full figured woman in mind. To compensate for the plus size women, designers would make waist cinchers, waist trainers and other shapewear in the same size then make a few adjustments in the cup size of the bra part. It goes without saying that this couldn’t offer the much needed support.

The good news is that today plus size shapewear is taking center stage in many of the top brands. Plus size waist cinchers, plus size waist trainers and plus size shapewear cumulatively are designed with the true dimensions of a plus size model and not just winging it like was the case before. Many women prefer the added support of plus size shapewear even though they may not necessarily be considered plus size.

Benefits of plus size shapewear

Extra support

This is one of the greatest benefits of plus size shapewear especially for full chested ladies. The thick straps and extra padding give your bust firm support and an awesome lift.


Plus size shapewear is designed to provide you with the ultimate cinch but still remain comfortable so you are able to move around comfortably. Some plus size shapewear also come with adjustment straps to ensure you always have the perfect fit.

Different styles

Awhile back when plus size shapewear was still a new phenomenon, there were very few available styles and they mostly came in ill-fitting sizes and boring styles. Today, there are so many amazing styles that will leave your head spinning. They also come in cute shades so you even have the option of wearing a cincher on top of a beautiful top!

Benefits of vest for plus size

This type of plus size shapewear is perfect for wearing a fitted top. A vest gives you the freedom to choose your own bra that gives you the best support. It is also made of thick and strong straps that give your bust a bonus boost. A vest also does a very a good job of smoothing out bra lines and back fat as it extends all the way to your upper back.

We cannot forget the fact that this plus size shapewear also cinches in your waist giving you that prima donna hour glass figure. This vest is made of a strong and high quality fabric so you shouldn’t worry about bunching up or any unwanted migration!

Flexibility of plus size

One of the most important considerations to make when selecting plus size shapewear is to buy from a manufacturer that fully understands the body of a full figured woman and all its needs. All the plus size waist trainers, plus size waist cinchers and plus size shapewear that we sell on our website are designed by top brands using real dimensions of full figured models.

Plus size shapewear is highly flexible as it can be worn by both full figured ladies as well as their slimmer counterparts. The biggest allure of plus size shapewear is that it is very comfortable and offers more support.

Plus size waist trainers and plus size waist cinchers can either be worn under an outfit or over an outfit and still look beautiful. They are also made from strong fabrics for better support and flexibility.

At the end of the day, the aim is to feel comfortable and look amazing in what you wear. Plus size shapewear will give you exactly that. Check our sizing charts to ensure you get the right fit.

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