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Shapewear Slip

About Shapewear Slips

The Shapewear Slip is perfect for tummy control and immediate results. Get yours now with free shipping and low prices. As shapers have grown in popularity, the types of shapewear offered have also developed and evolved. Shapewear slips are a product of said expansion, and they have proven to be a helpful garment. These slips have a few key characteristics that make them excellent shapewear options.

Extended Shaping with Shapewear Slips

Whereas regular shapers usually focus on slimming the waist and abdomen area, slip shapers primarily focus on the waist to thigh area. Some shapers also provide sliming from the bust to the thigh. Either way, the extended shaping is a key feature in shapewear slip.

Shapewear Slip Excellent Support

As a cincher the Shapewear slip provides a slimming effect with its compression material. This high quality material not only helps to create an immediately slimmer look, but it also aids in promoting actual firming and slimming of the thigh area. It helps to provide a lift in the butt as well. All of these factors work together to create a natural looking, smooth silhouette.

Shapewear Slip Variety

There are a few different types of shapewear slips. As with normal slips, some fit the whole body from shoulder to thigh, while others fit around the waist and extend to the thigh. With the various options available, there is a shaper that is right for any type of dress or skirt.

It is clear to see how shapewear slips are beneficial undergarments. The above mentioned characteristics are just a few of the many quality traits of these pieces. See for yourself by browsing the available selection.

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