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Squeem Sizing Guide

Get right Squeem Size with our Squeem Size Chart. Find The Right information for your sizing problems on Squeem Shapewear.

Squeem is a well established Brazilian brand of body shaping garments that are especially popular with postpartum women. Two in three women end up with diastasis recti or separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Using a compression garment after giving birth can help by applying pressure to bring the two abdominal muscles back together. It also slims down your waistline and helps you get back your pre-pregnancy shape.

For Squeem postpartum sizing, many women opt to buy one either in their pre pregnancy size or a size bigger. There is no point in getting one that is too small because if you can’t fit into it then it obviously is not going to work! The garments also have a double row of hooks enabling the wearer to tighten the waist cincher as their size shrinks.

Squeem Size Guide

When it comes to sizing, Squeem waist trainers are known to be pretty close to true sizing. This makes getting the correct size Squeem garment a bit simpler than with some other brands where the sizes can vary significantly from standard sizings. However, it still pays to measure your waist size and check the Squeem Sizing Guide just to make sure you do order the correct size.

Measure around your waist with a cloth tape and then look up the correct size on the Squeem Sizing Chart. Measuring your waist is simple – your waistline is about an inch above the naval and is the smallest part of your torso.