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Amazing Tips for Waist Training

Learn the ropes of training your waist with these clever and handy tips for waist training. If you’ve been paying attention to the current fitness frenzy, then you have probably come across waist training. We are going to start by looking at what exactly is waist training and follow this up with great tips for waist training that will guide you into this amazing way of life.

Well, waist training is actually a process involving wearing a waist cincher or waist trainer to squeeze in your waist giving you a slimmer look, without throwing shade over your bust and hips.

Having insider information about waist cinching is not only going to give you a smooth transition into waist training, it is also going to teach you practical tips for waist training that will see you achieve your smaller waist goals faster.

Healthy Eating & Waist Training

Healthy eating is certainly one of the key tips of waist training. If you are looking to lose weight, then you have no option but to embrace a healthy diet. Waist training by itself will not magically blast off belly fat, you need to combine it with good healthy food and regular exercise. So, if you have been eating bucket loads of fried junk food, you need to take a chill pill and start loading on fresh, natural and wholesome food.

Healthy eating will give you new found energy as it is going to assist your body to get rid of toxins that usually stick to fat cells – making it very hard to lose weight. The moment your body is toxin free and as you continue waist training faithfully, you are going to see the pounds drop and your body developing the ever so coveted hourglass shape.

Break up your meals into six small natural and wholesome foods so you are not tempted to snack on junk in the course of your day. Starting out may not be a walk in the park but with time, your body is going to adjust. The amazing thing about waist training is that it has been shown to reduce hunger pangs as well as reduce the amount of food intake, thus naturally helping you lose weight.

Go Easy on Yourself When Training Your Waist

One of the most important tips for waist training is graduality. A slow and steady integration of your corset into your everyday life will make it likely to be a permanent fixture and not a temporary corset obsession.

When starting out on your cinching venture, only wear your corset for a couple of hours and don’t go for an extreme reduction otherwise you might opt out. Your body will accept change better and more gracefully when relaxed. So forget about extreme tight lacing when starting out.

Patience Pays

Patience is amongst the vital tips for waist training. Everybody is different and the time it takes to reshape your figure using waist training is going to vary from someone else you know. The key is to be patient and train your waist consistently.

The amazing thing about waist training is that it gives you an instant visual of how you would look with a small waist. This can easily prompt you to start leading a healthy lifestyle so you are able to meet your waist training goals even faster.

Remember, waist training is a commitment and the more consistent and disciplined you are, the better reduction and results you are going to see.

Vodka water and baby oil to clean your Waist Trainer

This is one of the most handy and quick tips for waist training. On those days when you are not in the mood to get into laundry mode and wash your waist trainer, you can easily freshen it up using vodka water. Pour vodka and water in a 50-50 ratio in a spray bottle and mist your corset. This however, is not recommended for silk trainers.

This simple corset treatment is amazing for ridding sweatiness, body odor and deodorant stains. After misting your waist trainer, hang it in a well aerated space to dry completely. For a latex corset, once it is completely dry, rub some baby oil on it to keep the texture soft and to maintain its quality.

At Home Waist Training

At home waist training is one of the best and easiest ways to train your waist. Why? You might ask. The reason is, training at home gives you more freedom to put on your cincher how you like not having to worry about what outfit to pair it with.

When you are Waist Training at home, chances of you moving up and done are also few and so you won’t find your corset to be too constricting. Training your waist at home especially as a beginner will give you more confidence because you won’t have to worry about the added attention to your figure from other people.

Amazing tips for waist training when cinching your waist at home is that you should take advantage of this time to test your limits as to how far you can comfortably go with the reduction. Take this time to push your limits and train for as long as you comfortably can.

Another one is to keep track of the food you eat. This way you will ensure that each ingredient that goes into your food is fresh, healthy and natural. This can also be a good time to put in some exercises to boost your waist cinching efforts.

Can you sleep in your waist trainer?                

Yes people do it, but is not recommended!

There are some people who have become so obsessed with waist training that they want to be strapped in 24/7 but this is highly discouraged. This is one of the tips for waist training that should always stay on your mind: sleeping time is when your body recovers from all your day's activities.

If you are engaged in physical exercise, your muscles are exposed to wear and tear during training and it is only when resting and sleeping that they are repaired making them grow even bigger. As such, waist training is not recommended at all as the constriction and discomfort will allow you a night full of rest.

You should have a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. What you can do is train during the night then give your body a break for the night. By doing this, your body will be ready to start a new day of waist training the next morning.

Waist Training Max Time.

Waist training does not take a 'one size fits all approach'. We cannot look at the handy tips for waist training and not talk about the maximum time you should wear your waist trainer. That said, what works for me will not necessarily work for you in the same way. You need to find your own waist training balance that will give you the best results.

However, the recommended training time is 8 hours. When starting out, go for 4 hours until you are comfortable enough to increase your waist cinching time. At the end of the day, be true to yourself and do you; if you can train your waist for up to 10 hours comfortably, go for it. The important thing is that you are always comfortable during waist training so you can do it in the long run.

I hope these tips for waist training will come in handy and give you a smooth transition into waist training!