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How to Use a Waist Cincher for Weight Loss

A simple guide outlining the best ways to use your waist cincher for weight loss. The number one question on nearly everyone’s mind who has heard of waist training is whether there is such a thing as waist training for weight loss. The simple truth is that a waist trainer is an inanimate object and just by tying it round your waist, you don’t expect to lose weight.

Having said that it is important to point out that you can however use a waist cincher for weight loss. What you need to do is combine a workout waist cincher with healthy eating and regular physical exercise. Of course your waist training too should be consistent for the best results.

In our recent article on Amazing Tips for Waist Training, we looked at how healthy eating improves your waist training results. Please have a look then continue with this informative piece on how to use a waist cincher for weight loss.

Working out with a waist trainer

Working out with a waist trainer is the ultimate way to use a waist cincher for weight loss. Abdominal control is probably one of the biggest advantages of waist training for weight loss. Workout waist cinchers are designed to be flexible enough to allow you to freely engage in intense body workouts without feeling constricted or uncomfortable.

We cannot forget the fact that workout waist cinchers also cinch in your waist with up to 5 inches. When you look at yourself in the mirror while working out, this can serve as a great morale booster and encourage you to work out even harder and more consistently so you can get permanent cinched in results.

Most workout waist cinchers are made from latex, for exothermic effect, that will in turn help you lose weight faster. In such a case, if your cincher does not have an inner cotton lining or if you do not have a corset slip, you can apply caffeine cream, which will not only boost perspiration but also protect your skin from chaffing. Talk of the best way to use a waist cincher for weight loss!

Waist cincher back support

Adequate and firm back support is very important when it comes to using a waist cincher for weight loss. A workout waist cincher is ideal for going to the gym as well as other fitness activities that involve your core muscles. Waist training for weight loss helps correct posture and most importantly, prevents pain in your lower back and also injuries during your workout.

Back support is especially necessary when doing resistance training. A typical workout waist cincher has interior boning that is tailored to give you back support. It is also fitted with both inner and outer adjustments to offer you the best fit and comfort with no bunching in the middle of your waist.

So, there is no question about, using a waist cincher for weight loss, it will give you the best and quickest results. Let us now move to exercises that you can perform for weight loss as well as the perfect cinch as you start using a waist cincher for weight loss.

Exercises that boost waist training

There is no question to the waist cinching fact that you can automatically get a smaller waist using a waist cincher or even high-rise jeans that literally suck in your tummy and accentuating your curves for a beautiful hourglass silhouette. But unfortunately, this is usually a temporary solution. If you are looking for permanent results, then you need to learn exactly how to use a waist cincher for weight loss.

By performing the right ab exercises, you are not only going to get a slimmer tummy , but you are going to get a well-defined hourglass figure as your ab muscles will be trained to grow in the silhouette of your waist cincher, not forgetting a beautiful and natural butt lift. Now, before we go any deeper into using a waist cincher for weight loss, it is important to learn a few basics.

When training your waist using a waist cincher for weight loss, you should do about 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions of each exercise for 3-4 times in a week. This will give your muscles enough time to recover, repair and grow even bigger.

Bicycle crunches

The only thing you are going to need when waist training for weight loss using this exercise is an exercise/ yoga mat. Start by lying flat on your back on the mat next raise your knees, planting your feet on the ground then lightly touch your ears using your fingertips.

Gently lift your head, shoulders and upper back, pointing out your elbows to the sides. Suck in your tummy, it should feel like your navel is touching your spine, and in a fluid movement, move your right elbow and left knee towards each other as you straighten your right leg. Repeat for the other side and you will have completed one repetition.

High intensity cardio

High intensity cardio exercises such as sprinting, spinning and rope jumping are the fastest ways to burn fat. When you combine these with using a waist cincher for weight loss, the result is a slimmer and well defined hourglass shape. Whether you like swimming or running, do the cardio exercise that works best for you, but just remember two things; do it at a heightened intensity and use a waist cincher for weight loss for the quickest and lasting results.

The flat tummy bow

Start by lying flat on your tummy then lift your knees very gently. Next step is to lift your upper torso and your legs from the ground. Use your hands to grab your ankles and tilt your head to look up the ceiling. For the ultimate abdominal squeeze, try as hard as possible to lift your legs towards the ceiling then twist your core to the right and hold for as long as you possibly can, then twist your core to the left and hold as well. This is a complete repetition.

The flat tummy bow when used with a waist cincher, will provide you with very good weight loss results.

These three exercises are a sneak peak of how you can use a waist cincher for weight loss. There is so much more that you can do. If you are a gym bunny, approach your gym instructor with your vision then use your waist cincher for the best weight loss results.


One of the biggest health concerns with regard to waist training is that this subjects your core muscles to weakening and wasting. However, regular physical exercise and waist training for weight loss will help you strengthen your core muscles and grow new muscles in the shape of your waist cincher in addition to providing you amazing weight loss results.

What’s left is now setting your body to motion and using your waist cincher for weight loss and for your waist trained dream curvaceous body!